Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Love Your Neighbor

The tornadoes have taken around 30 lives and destroyed towns. But in the midst of this devastation, hope remains in the thoughts and actions of individuals that are giving of themselves to help their neighbors.

This weekend, I have read so many stories from various news outlets. I was simply blown away with the spirit of charity and passion from the not only the volunteers helping out but also the families who lost their homes. Over all, I think my favorite story to hear was how two churches in Joplin Missouri had gone to two different towns to help with the people there. One church went to Branson Missouri, the other went to Harrisburg, Illinois. These churches and their pastors have been through so much with the Joplin tornado last year, they know the pain the people in these towns are going through and their needs. They gathered the needed supplies and drove to where they felt they were needed in order for them to give back to their neighbors. This is truly the spirit of charity, we help each other in times of need.
I pray that this week, as your days fly by with all that "stuff" that is always packed into our lives; that you will reach out and help your neighbors across the country. Please keep our fellow neighbors in your prayers and if possible donate money to Red Cross or Mercury One or LDS Humanitarian Services. Even $10 can go along way if that is all you have to give or if money is tight - give blood to your local red cross. The possibilities are endless. :)

Places to Donate:
And stay tuned for some more service from the Super Hero's coming soon.

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