Friday, July 20, 2012

Sending Love Your Way

We just recently heard that two different friends of our family had just been released from the hospital so we decided to brainstorm what The Super Heroes of Service could do to help them. We came up with the following:

Get Better Medicine :)

And here is how we did it:

The Super Heroes mommy used her trusty side kick - Photoshop.
Here is the prescription tag she made to go with the medicine.

Here is Super Hero Roy writing the card.
the card - Super Roy was running out of room so 
we had to add some text to the bottom of the card :)

The card says:
front -"Just thought you could use a little extra sunshine today"
inside - " We wanted to let you know that you are loved. We hope that you are feeling better but if not here is some "medicine" for you to take in order to feel better."

Super Hero Roy adding the "medicine"

The finished product
Time to get moving...

The Super Heroes flexing their muscles.
Let's Get Going :)

Getting in the official Super Hero ride.
We have arrived to one of our destinations.
We were pretending to be Ninja's so we would not be heard.
Placing the medicine and card on the door step.

Ring the bell and...
We love do any service were getting to ring the door bell and run. That is the Super Heroes favorite. 

We did get caught though at the first place we went to . We hid behind a hedge and watched to make sure someone was home (this is Las Vegas and it is over 100 degrees so we didn't want to leave M&M's to make a melted mess). When the person came to the door. She bent over picked up the medicine and card. She read the card and then looked around to see if she could see anyone. Well Super Hero Dakota jumped out from behind the hedge and started to wave. The women blew kisses and said "Thank You so much!" She started to come towards us and then Dakota ran to the get away truck. 

Too cute! Wonderful memories were made for the Hutchings family today :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Have I Done Any Good?

American Idol's Carmen Rasmusen Herbert teams up with Alex Boyé for this fun and inspiring new music video.

 The Super Heroes have LOVED listening to this while we are preparing our next service. Make sure to check it out! And stay tuned for the next service which should be completed next week :)