Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big Announcement

We have a big announcement to make. We have known about this for a few months but I have kept it under wraps until I was given the go ahead.

The Super Heroes of Service are going to be featured in the LDS Magazine called The Friend. Yep, that is right we are going to be published. How exciting!!! It was very hard for me not to tell everyone but now I can "spill the beans".

I was really surprised to learn that the Friend is actually written a year in advance. Kind of surprising, right? So coming April or May of 2013 make sure to look for us :)

We will be done with this project before it gets published but we are super excited. Remember that this is a year long project - don't worry though as I already have a great idea for our project for next year. I can't wait to tell everyone come December what we have up our sleeve :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Up In Flames

Sorry we have been missing in action lately, but as many of you already know we are in the process of moving so life has been a little crazy lately.

Today we will be posting about a service we performed a month or so ago. We didn't place it on the blog, there are actually quite a few services that have touched our hearts so much that we have keep them more private, but since I am not totally sure how much time we will have in the next month I decided to share this cute service with everyone.
The above quote fits our family perfectly. I came from a very close knit extended family. And when we heard that family members who live in another state recently had a house fire we knew that we just had to do something to help. This family has 2 kids and all of their toys and clothes went up in flames. The Super Heroes felt so bad when they heard this that they decided they wanted to help.

We went to Walmart and got them a gift certificate that the kids could use to buy them some new toys. It wasn't much but we felt that is what they needed to raise their spirits.

Here is the letter Roy wrote to go with the gift card. So cute if I do must say so myself :) 

Since one of the children was a girl, Roy wanted to draw her a picture of a Barbie Doll. He thought that she would like that. I am not totally sure how he knows what a Barbie is since this is a Tonka Truck kind of house with all these boys but I am sure the neighbor girls next door maybe enlightened him to the world of Barbie :)

Dallas picture - not totally sure what it is but cute still the same :)

And Dakota's master piece :)

We hope that this small act of kindness brought and smile to their face and also a great new toy into their life.