Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Box of Sunshine

Since it is August and we do live in Vegas, the sun is always a factor. The mom of the Super Heroes aka. me :) has been trying to think of good services that we can do inside our home for the most part. We are melting here :) 

We decided that it would be a great time to spread a little sunshine and just maybe brighten up someones day. And Walla!!! 

Bring in the Little Box of Sunshine. (You gotta love pinterest - which is where I got the idea from)

We started by taking a box and spray painting it yellow. And as my mom (the Super Heroes Grandma) can attest to this was a job for the mommy. I know it would be anyways but I am going to take this opportunity to tell you all a story :)

Warning: Random story that doesn't have anything to do with our service project this month.

We were in Idaho last week visiting with family and attending the Little Buckaroo Rodeo - a cute rodeo for kids only. It is adorable. Anyways, my parents house is NOT kid proof and my 3 Super Heroes found some spray paint. Roy thought it was would so fun to spray paint his brothers red. Dakota got the most of the paint splatter and we are still scrubbing the paint off of his legs. Thank goodness I got there before any real damage could have been done. The boys were laughing so hard. They thought it was so fun. They couldn't understand why I was mad - makes me laugh now though :)

Anyways back to our service, here we are painting the boxes.

After they dried, we filled them with anything yellow.

Cute Dakota :)

Again :)

Here is what the boxes looked like (we made 2):

Next we printed out the card that I (the Super Heroes mommy) made with the help of my trusty side kick - Photoshop.

We added some cute sun clip art and placed the card in our boxes.

We ran out of spray paint. Oh well still turned out cute :)

Then we were off to deliver them.

Okay we have to be as quiet as Ninja's.

I know that the cards show the Super Heroes faces so it is not really a surprise who has given this service but we still ring the doorbell and run. They LOVE it!! It is their favorite services to do.

And now onto the next house:

Ring the Doorbell.

We hope that the wonderful people who received these Little Boxes of Sunshine LOVED them as much as we LOVED making them.

Hopefully we inspire a few people to get out there and spread a little SUNSHINE.