Monday, March 19, 2012

Enjoy A Couple Of Bucks On Us

The mommy found these cute candy bucks at Walmart on clearance and she knew that the Super Hero's could use them for something cute.

So the mommy went to Photoshop and made this:

It says:

We Know Times Are Tough
And Money Is Tight
So Please Enjoy 
A Couple of BUCKS
On Us!

The Super Hero's of Service

And then we added the chocolate bucks and so here is the finished product:

Next, we then set out to hand deliver them to people. Our first stop was to Walmart.

All this running around makes us so thirsty :)

Our second stop was Seagull Bookstore. The women here were so friendly to us.

And our final stop was awesome!! 

We went to the LDS Cannery. Everyone there is always very nice to us when we go in so we thought it would be wonderful to perform a service for them since they are always serving others. They are a perfect example of service with a smile :)

Look at Dakota's face. He is listening intently.

What a wonderful time! 

It just goes to show you that it doesn't take much money to make people smile :) 

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