Monday, February 20, 2012

A Smile Revolution

We have had a lot of fun since the last time we checked in. We have many great service ideas - the problem is there is not enough time in the day to get them all done so we are trying to pace ourselves. 

And now onto our next service: The mommy found this poem online somewhere in her travels. And she thought that it was so cute that it was perfect for our next service.

A Smile For You

Smiling is infectious; you catch it like the flu. When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin. When he smiled I realized I'd passed it on to him. I thought about that smile then I realized it's worth, a single smile, just like mine could travel round the earth. So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected. Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected! KEEP THE SMILES GOING

Super Hero Roy drew a smiley face. 

Then the mommy scanned it into the computer and then thanks to photoshop designed this:

We then thought it would be fun if we went to our local library and placed them in books and magazines so when people checked out the book it would hopefully make them smile.

Dallas getting one of the books

Placing the smiling poem in the book

All done with this one

And on to the next one.
Dallas looking for the next book.
Dakota finding our next book.
We placed about 45 smile poems in various books and magazines all throughout the library.

But with so many fun things in the library, even a Super Hero can get distracted:

Playing with the train set in the library.

The twins on the computer.

We still have about 15 extra pictures and we will (as soon as it stops snowing and raining) go to the local grocery store and hand some out. We will update this post when we complete that.

We had a ton of fun with this and we challenge everyone reading this to start a smile revolution in your own neighborhood :)

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