Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rain or Shine, Snow or Sleet

February 4th is a very special day… it’s Thank a Mailman Day!
We decided to take this opportunity to give a BIG thank you to our Mail Carrier who brings all kinds of letters and packages to our mailbox and doorstep. 
What we did:
1. We wrote a handwritten letter (written by Roy) telling the mailman how much we appreciate him.

It said:


Dear Mailman,

Thank you for bringing our mail!

Roy, Dallas, and Dakota Hutchings

(In honor of National Thank a Mailman day - which is today)

2. We attached a candy bar to the handwritten note.

3. We took it out to the mailbox for our mailman to find.

4. Here is our response from the mailman. 

It say's:

Awe Thank You!!! You guys are Awesome! I didn't even know that was today! :)
- Jett

We had a lot of fun today. Stay posted we have another service we have been working on and will post about soon. So make sure to check back or maybe become a follower :)

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