Monday, September 17, 2012

Send A Hug

One of the Super Heroes cousins has been in the hospital. She is still currently in the hospital - they are hoping that see with be able to go home on Wednesday, September 19th but they are still taking it day by day. She has been in the hospital - as of today over a week.

We wanted to go and visit her but since we live other a 1000 miles apart we had to think outside of the box. We brainstormed what we would like to have if we were in the hospital and we decided that a HUG is what we would want. 

Well since I (the mom) could not ship the Super Heroes though UPS or Fed Ex we decided to the do the next best thing. 


Well we decided we would trace each Super Heroes outstretched arms to create a giant tangible "hug" that we could roll up and mail.

Here are some action shots:

The tracing:

Roy and Dakota

Then we decorated them to look like the Super Heroes:

Last but not least the mom cut them out. Sorry no picture of her cutting them but here is a picture of the finished HUGS.
Super Hero Dakota

Super Hero Roy - he is holding the get well card we sent.

Super Hero Dallas
All Three HUGS side by side
The Super Heroes holding up the HUGS - sorry this is the best picture I could get because
they did not want to stand still :)
What do you think? Do the HUGS look like the Super Heroes?

We hope that this small act brightens our cousins day and that she realizes how loved she is. We wish her a speedy recovery and pray that she will be able to be released from the hospital soon.

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