Sunday, January 22, 2012

3 Little Chefs

Since it was raining pretty much all day and we had to stay indoors we thought it was a great day for baking. We traded in our Super Hero capes (just temporarily) for chef jackets and an apron. 
We decided that for our first service we would make some chocolate chip cookies and deliver them to people whom we love and appreciate and also to couple sets of friends who we know have been struggling with different things in life.

Chef Roy with an egg

Chef Dakota, Chef Roy and Chef Dallas - and no Roy cannot see anything :)

The Chef's beating some eggs.

Chef Dakota with the vanilla, Chef Roy with the cookbook, and Chef Dallas with the
 baking soda and baking powder.

Chef Dakota

Chef Dallas

Chef Roy

Chef Dakota adding some flour

And Chef Dallas is adding the best ingredient - the chocolate chips
Chef Dallas licking the spoon - Yummy :)

Even our pal Mona had a thin layer of flour on her :)

And now we are off to deliver them.

Dallas, Dakota and Roy

Let me take your hand!

We will update the pictures later on so make sure to check back :)


Well it happens to even the strongest Super Hero's - yep that is right on our way to deliver the cookies (we drove) all of the kids even Roy feel asleep. So the mommy just dropped them off on the doorstep. I didn't get pictures of them sleeping ( I didn't think of it until right now when I am blogging about ). 

Roy and I re-created the scene on our own doorstep.

Since this is not the same as the little Super Hero's doing this we will be performing this service again in the future. Oh man - I have to make and eat more cookies in the near future - Bummer :)

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